I just delivered 42 laptops to a school. Used Ghost & sysprep to make them ready. Firefox 3.1 and all updates.

Walked into the office and stood. Office person kinda just looked at me. Principal having a meeting. Another office person walks up and asks what if I need anything.

"Nope. In fact I'm here to help you."

(I detected that kind of look and body language that sez: Yeah.. right.....)

I have 42 laptops for ...insert the fastest movement I've seen in at least a week of the lady heading to the principal to tell her.....you.

She didn't even wait for me to finish. The principal leave the meeting in mid sentence. Everyone comes out to watch.

We explain what we're doing and where do you want them?

Lots of teachers help trundle them to the computer lab. Lots of smiles.

Hmmm... maybe they needed them.