So, if I have a environment, and I upgrade it to SP1 - apply it to all the ZCM servers, there's a point about the agent upgrades I don't quite get. First off, at the point that the servers are upgraded, is SP1 now the baseline? Or do we have to go through the system update utility, push it out / ignore various client workstations, etc. before it's baselined?

Secondly, both before and after it's baselined (assuming it can be in either state depending on the status of clients), what happens when if a workstation that has the on it install the agent and registers itself? Does it get the SP1 agent right away, or does that have to be pushed down as a system update by the administrator?

The reason I'm asking is we're going to have 400+ computers, being imaged by the computer vendor, coming on campus, booting, and configuring themselves in a few weeks. I can't have the ZCM agent introducing an additional reboot in the middle of the process. If the ZCM agent updates itself on registration and forces a reboot, I'm going to have to defer upgrading the zone to SP1. If the agent update will only happen if the upgrade is baselined (and I can avoid doing that) or when the system update is applied to the workstations after registration, I can do the upgrade now, as long as I understand under exactly what circumstances a agent (on initial registration) can be / will be upgraded to SP1.