I have been trying to get my ZDM inventory service working on a SLES 10 OES 2 SP1 server and need some assistance. I installed the entire Zen 7 SP1 for Linux package, and all services started working correctly at first. I imported my workstation, ran an inventory scan, was able to view the inventory details under the WS properties Zenworks Inventory tab, click on More Information, or just right click on the WS object and choose inventory.

After installing the inventory agent on my office PC's, the inventory agent has stopped working. Workstations will import, I can remote them, and the minimal inventory information will appear, but when I try to check detailed inventory or create a report I keep getting the Configure DB message. I have successfully done this once before, but now whenever I try to Configure DB I receive a "Unable to connect to the Inventory database. Ensure that the database object properties are set properly and Database is up and running" message.

All of my Zen services can be running and I receive this message, and it seems like shortly after I try to configure DB my novell-zdm-inv service goes dead. I did a plain installation and didn't change any configuration, but I seem to remember finding a log file at one time, I can't find it right now and it's been a couple of months since I last worked on this, that said that there was some sort of authentication error with the Inventory Database. My inventory service object's service status report keeps showing 622 error messages.

I'd like to try getting this inventory piece working before rolling out my autumn updates so I can better monitor the progress, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!