we have a 2Node OES2 (Linux) Cluster with a Pool (NSS) and a samba-ressource.
The samba-ressource use this pool. The pool will used from ncp clients too.
I dont know how i can reach, that the pool load/unload/migrate on same time than samba-ressource.
If i use the commands to handle NSS-Pool works it fine, but the cluster show me the pool every on same server online, even if the pool down or on other server. The cluster dont get information back from pool.
If try to use the cluster online command, i cant load the pool on needed node. The pool loaded every on first (main) node, so i need a target information.
Knows some one a variable to identify the target node for load/unload script? e.g "cluster online poolname $nodename"

You must choose a node on iManager if you want to switch the ressource or pool so the information for variable should be exist.

The best solution should be, if i can see condition for pool and samba-ressource in iManager and with cluster command.

Thanks for your hints