Hi all,

I have a Netware 6.5 SP7 server with SSH. If I login to the SSH server with just plain console access ssh everything work's correctly. When I attempt to SFTP/SCP to the box with the same username and password I get this error in the sshd.log file.

"error: Failed to create identity for *ID FDN* on local server. rc: 115, errno 7, h_errno: 997, clienterrno: -669"

I have looked up the error in eDir and 669 is "Failed Authentication". But I know for a fact the username and password are correct and accepted by SSHD.

I have also done a DSTRACE and eDir is really returning the error of -669 but It kind of look's like for ".[Public]" and not my user?

Thanx for you Help