well, getting to know this new Zen isn't done i day.....

( didn't expect that really...)

A server is setup for test, doing some initial "things" like just
trying to test different things, one of which is the

So, a couple of Q's:

1. On the server running Zen, possible to use 2 IP-addresses ?
Reason for asking is a error message in the loader-messages.log
stating something like,;
Loader.discoverymodule unable to discover advertised devices.
java.net.bindexception cannot assign requested address. datagram send

2. Installed NMAP and got that working, so my initial test/scan is
done by choosing the defaults except SSH which I un-ticked.

Problem is; on the "deployable devices" screen, every single
IP-address is shown as unknow os and inactive as deployment status;

One would think that IP-address which aren't assigned to anything
simply would be filtered out ??

3. SNMP ?... I've got an firewall/router which I have added the
zenserver as accepted snmp-client to. The community IS set on the
devices and supplied in Zen,, still reports error during scan;
"An unknown error occurred during SNMP discovery. For more
information, see loader-messages.log"

4. Saving the credential's sounds smart, but, do they automatically
get used if Im creating a new scan ??.. There's no way to import or
choose saved credentials for the new scan, so it LOOKS as if I have to
re-enter them each time...