I am trying to install the pre-agent on a Windows XP SP3 workstation through the web console using a Deployment Task. After a couple of seconds, I get the above error status. The error 1326 is from the loader-messages log and I cannot find anything that states what it means.

I have even tried to manually install the pre-agent to this machine with no success. The install gets to a certain point, then gives me a State: initial then tells me to check the Event Logs. The event log doesn't really tell me anything in particular, so I'm not sure where it's failing.

I've checked my credentials, which are correct. I have installed the pre-agent successfully before on other machines with SP2 and SP3 installed.

I should also note that I am running ZCM and have downloaded the agent executables from the zenworks-setup page. All agents fail to install.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.