Hello. I am having a problem on my PC at work. My PC has 2 network cards that are on different IP subnets. I need to only bind the Novell Client to NIC #1, but the Novell Client keeps getting confused and bind itself to both NICs. When the Novell Client binds itself to both NICs, I am unable to log in to the tree, and subsequently I cannot run the application I am supposed to support.

For example, here's what happens:
1. Uncheck Novell Client on NIC #1.
2. Uncheck Novell Client on NIC #2.
3. Rebind Novell Client to NIC #1 (click on checkbox in Network properties).
4. I find that Novell Client is already bound to NIC #2.

I am running Windows XP SP2 with Novell Client 4.91 SP4 and Novell Server 6. I also have VMWare Server Console installed on the workstation.

How do I keep the client configured for *ONLY* NIC #1?

Thank you.