forgive me if this is long. I have worked on this for 3 days solid.

NW6 sp3
BM 3.7 sp2
Field Patch 3

Applied BM 3.7 sp2: could not email
Applied TID TID10080578 Extra Configuration: No change emailing AOL
Applied Field Patch 3: CAN email AOL now, however only some sites in a

category are getting blocked and not others.
Went through hell and back reinstalling Surf Control under idea that
database was corrupted. Reinstalled several times. Went through live

updates. Results the same.
Cannot successfully back out of SP2. When tried that, ACLCHECK did not

work at all. (Assuming because of NDS schema extensions. I do not
how to back out of those.)
Retested again. No matter which version of the database, I get the
results. If FP3 is installed, CAN email but content
filtering is compromised. Without FP3, content filtering appears to
but CANNOT email

I read the entire post and exchange from another fellow regarding his

SurfControl issues.

I am tired and approaching desperate. We are K-12 school so right now
I am
opting for no email to aol and content filtering working. But we do a
of business with people who have aol accounts and I am expected to
this problem.

Many thanks. Sorry for the length.