I am in the process of splitting up the services (eguide, netstorage, ifolder) to thier own ip addresses. Basically I will setup up an index.html with a redirect for each of the urls. Before I dive into config files I thought I would check here for any ideas to this problem.

I setup 3 secondary IPs or "additional address" in YaST using ifup. When I go into HTTP server, Click Add under "Listen on Ports" , none of those address show up in the list. So when I go to the hosts tab and change the virtual host ID I cannot select the address their either.

I have edited the listen.conf but after I do YaST bombs out. I have also created a virtual host file and added the ip addresses manually but I always seem to get the root server (probably because it is listening on all ports). Is there another config file I need to find?

Thanks for your help