Well, that's one way to spend the day,

1st,, it's a LAB,, so no urgency ...,
But,, ....No.. wont say it...

Anyway,,trying to do a split install with the OEM/DB to one server and
zen to the other,, followed the online doc's..,and,, off course not

Or, rather,, almost working on the first test, with the exception of
patch-managent just not working and stating error's.

So, did a uninstall for the zen-server = Worked OK
TRIED to do a uninstall for the db-server ...??,,
no uninstall info anywere.. ?

So,, simply put,, cleaning registry and files,,etc,,etc,,
and then trying to do the install again....That's...That's a useless

If I state I want the install to go to d:\Zenworks, well off course
the install anyway creates a d:\program files\zenworks besides
creating the d:\zenworks.,,, Who cares... trying anyway,,
Well, off course the install failes since the scripts in the install
refers to files which novell put all around at random...,, funny...

Ok,, next step is that the last step in the install fail's and
checking the debug/full log, it states it can't find the mksadb.sql...

Is there any correct way to "uninstall" zen10 completly and, mostly
uninstall the created/external DB completly..??

Lab or not,, doing a clean Win2003 server re-install between each test
seems booring...

( sorry for the frustration...!!!!)