Please help:
I have bordermanager 3.5 with sp3 in a netware 5.1 box with sp6. Our company policy is to allow Internet access to the staff from 8:00AM to

10:00AM only. I have created an access rule based on time. The rule
well for users browsing the Internet. But I discovered that when users
listening to Internet Radio stations via the Windows Media Player, the

rules has not effect at all and will not close the live connection to
radio station so users continue to use the resource during the entire
Of course, if they make a request to change to a different radio
then the rule kicks in. So now they know that they have to make the
station selection before 10:00AM for the whole day. So there it goes
rule to the trash. Is there any way to enforce the rule no matter
what? or
is there a way to close all the ports at the time the rule kicks in?
may be a new rule that I need to create to make this happen?

Thanks for your help
Jose Tamayo