Hi everybody!
I posted earlier through google, but it seems to be lost.

I have a simple network with NW 5.1 and BM36. Dynamic and static NAT
on the public side. One secondary public IP address is statically
NATed to
the local address of my email server.

Situation: In order to allow access to the email of people using
(in-house and outside users with same machine) I have to create two
in the email client: one with the private IP of the email server (for
from LAN) and second with the public IP of the statically NATed public
(for access from outside). It works well, but two accounts seem too
much for
the same thing.

I tried to set only the second account (only the public address) andconnect from the LAN but I can not get to the email server machine .
filters are in place (no discarded packets in debug mode) access rules
enforced (and rule set for all ports tcp&udp).

To resume: I need to access from the private LAN a machine on the
same LAN
through the public address (the one statically NATed to the email
(Or other solution to access the email server with one email client

Any idea appreciated.