I need some advise regarding ZCM10SP1 installation into NetWare65 Tree.

As far as I know OES2-SLES10SP1 should be in the tree when ZCM10SP1 is installed into Tree. Am I wrong?

I have a school which does not have enough budget to buy two servers but need ZCM10 because they want to manage and control Windows Vista.
They have four NetWare6.5 servers with SP6 + 300 Windows XP and working fine now.

Is that possible to install ZCM10SP1 on SLES10SP1 and take advantage of existing NetWare6.5 eDirectory Tree?
I assume schema needs to be extended or need to update to SP7 on NetWare6.5 at least.......

Could you give me some advise, pls?
If they need to have OES2 on SLES10SP1, we have to postpone this job.