A month ago I installed 4 - NetWare 6 servers into my production
4.2 Tree. All went very well, including all post health checks.

The 1st NetWare 6 server is the Master, the second and third servers
clustered for GroupWise (no replicas) and the 4th server is a new
BorderManager 3.7/fully patched (per Craig Johnson's tips) server with
Read/Write Replica.

The new BorderManager server is co-existing with the old NetWare
server and has caused no problems whatsoever.

The issue is this:

All along I have been accessing the new BM3.7 server using NetWare
Administrator, in an effort to replicate the Access Rules and testing

before I bring the old BM box down once and for all.

Last Friday I attempted to access the new BM3.7 server via NetWare
Administrator and to my surprise, all of a sudden all 4 of the NetWare
boxes showed up as yellow cirlces with black characters. I could not access the server any longer. I figured I'd let things work themselves

out over the weekend, but today when I returned to work, the objects
still un-known in NetWare Administrator! I ran health checks today and

zero errors were reported.

I can't seem to find a relevant TID to help me on this one. Can anyone

refer me to a TID, or offer suggestions? Or at least is there another
to administer the Access Rules and BM Setup screen OTHER than NetWare


Based on past experience with BM 3.5 and 3.6, I know that I did not
change any settings that would prevent me from accessing this server.

Basically, the only thing I did was to allow (based on Groups) Client

Trust users to access the Internet via Access Rules.

Please help!