I am having an issue when deploying an agent.
Could you give me an advise, pls?

* ZCM10SP1 on SLES10SP1 32bit on VMWare ESX3.5

This is what I do;
1. Deployment -> Discovery Tasks -> New
2. Step 1: Select Discovery Type -> LDAP Discovery Tasks -> Next
3. Step 2: Enter LDAP settings -> Source to search shows eDir Tree that I have
3. LDAP Search Contexts/Groups -> Add and select OU -> Next
4. Step 3: Set the Discovery Schedule NOW and Next
5. Step 4: Select Primary Server -> Primary Server: shows my ZCM server
-> Click Finish

The wizard cannot continue for the following reason(s):
Before selecting a Linux server to perform a discovery task, a Windows Proxy must be configured.

As soon as click Finish, this error messages pops up.
The process has not started at all.

This server has got only 1NIC on VM but ESX3.5 has got 2 teaming NICs.
DNS is working fine.

I have no idea what's the problem is....