We have a Windows NT 4.0 (yeah, I know) server that's in an AD Domain
(mixed mode obviously)

We want to migrate the files from this server to NetWare (OES NetWare)

The questions (the docs aren't quite clear):

If the NTFS file rights were granted to:
Domain users (meaning individual users in the domain)
Domain groups (group objects in the AD Domain)
Locally created Groups on NT 4.0

Do those rights get migrated over?

If so, do we need to "match up" the users? We don't need to CREATE any
user accounts in eDir since they are already there (we use IDM for sync
for user accounts only from eDir to AD).

(When we did a search, it wanted to match up the over 6,000 AD Accounts
to what's in eDir--not something we wanted to do)

It seems that in order to get the rights over, we need to let it search
for user matches and then possibly end up stomping on eDir objects,
unless "Merge" does not actually do anything to the edir object other
than add file ACL's (merge to me means that it's going to add/change
other stuff to the existing user account).

But we do want/need it to create the GROUPS in eDir

Am I making sense?