This ZAM system wants to track location. It's easy enough in workstations with the agent, but for Discovery, I've hit a wall...

  1. Can't have a UDF for Discovery
  2. SYSLOCATION (which is visible for every record) is apparently queried by SNMP and cannot be edited
  3. Location, which is a REQUIRED attribute, defaults to Other and I cannot figure out a way to add values or change this property.

So here's the question, I've tracked down Location, which lives in the table NC_NDLocation, and is link through the DeviceOID in the table NC_NDLocationDevRelation. There is a single value, OTHER. What happens if I add a line in the table? What should the NDGroupOID be, any random 32 character HEX value?

Is there a downside?

Any suggestions on another way to add location information to a discovered device?