Well, what can i say,,?

A first Zen10 case with 2 W2k03 servers dedicated for this test/lab
hasn't been that great,, quite the opposite actually..

Since everything else fails ( off course NOT true ...only almost..),
why shouldnt uninstall also fail ??

Did a 3rd testinstall, once again on "clean machines",, now wanting to
uninstall the reporting part, it stays on the screen stating 7mins
remaining...,, for approx 2 hours...,

After that, pressing cancel, well, it's only been approx 1 hour....

Feels quite amuzing that I've got to reinstall w2k03 again and again
just to get it installed... and,, this even though Im following the

Any culprits to what can cause these issues ?

It's a standard w2k03/r2 (US/UK) server, patched with current MS
patches, no AD installed,
nothing else except Adaptec's storagemanager for the raidcard,
both servers beeing DNS
no firewalls in between, no "nothing" special at all,,

is it possible that choosing Swedish as locale and CET+1 as timezone
can be an issue ??
I simply can't figure out why this c**p doesn't work...

Only thing "special" that's been done is;
1. Trying to have the DB and the primary server on 2 seperate servers.
2. On the primary (non-db) server, I've choosen to do the install to