did these novell related sites die or were they relocated?
http://ifolderdemo.novell.com/ (and any other of the slew of product demo
sites Novell used to have?)
http://www.novellmuseum.net/ (this was a great "historical" site, I sure
hope it is still around, if not anyone know who hosted it, if the content
needs to be moved I would be willing to host it)
http://www.iwantgroupwise.com/ as well as iwantsuse.com?
http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/s...team_7087.html Novell's seti
team? gone?

Did server magic for netware survive the powerquest/symantec buyout, if so
what is it now?

I was doing a little cleanup on the links at abend.org & it sure seems like
the Novell-related world has shrunk considerably over the years