We are a school are we are getting ready for the fall. We have brought several new NW65 SP7 servers online without any problems but we are having problems upgrading the existing servers. We have several NW65 SP5 servers that ran throughout the last school year without any problems. I applied the NW65SP7 patch to the first of the existing servers. After I rebooted, DS would not open. I worked on it for several hours before I discovered that the service pack did NOT upgrade several of the DS NLM's including c:\nwserver\dsloader.nlm. I was only able to get it online after I replaced numerous files by hand (It took all afternoon). I was concerned that since some of the files were not updated, others may not have been as well so I then reapplied NW65SP7...But I still was not convinced that everything was updated.

Today I tried to upgrade the next server. After I applied NW65SP7, this time before I rebooted I checked and sure enough c:\nwserver\dsloader.nlm is still the old version dated 10/9/2006. I am leaving it online until I manually update these files.

I searched the KnowledgeBase and could not find anything. Anybody have any idea why NW65SP7 is not being applied properly?

John L. Hottenstein
Network Administrator/Engineer