We are trying to get multicast imaging working with ZCM on a Windows 2003 server. If we plug our workstations into the same switch as our server we can get it working. If we try it though a cisco 6509 switch it never starts.
It does pxe boot. We go into the zen maintenance mode. It boots all the way to the prompt. We then start the workstations with img -session name. Then we start the service on the server. The workstation do connect and get a session number, then they just sit there. We look at the status of the session on teh server and it show we have 1 or more workstation connected. After about a minute the workstations drop connection. The workstation never has an error, nor does it ever start.

We do realize that the problem is in our core switch. However if we can boot through and connect, it should have nothing to do with our ip helpers in the vlans?

ANy other idea??