ZENworks 7.0.1 on NW6.5SP6/eDir

As users log into multiple workstations or as laptops acquire new IP addresses (as they move from WAP to WAP), these IP addresses become associated with the user or workstation object in eDirectory. As those IP addresses are released (user logs off a workstation or laptop moves to another wap), the old IP addresses stick around for a time until some process later must clean them up.

In the interem however, a bunch of invalid IP's are associated with a user or workstation object. When a helpdesk support rep tries to remote control, the remote control app presents all of these IP addresses. Since the remote user is not familiar with principals of IP networks, it becomes a chore to determine which IP address the user is actually on at the time in order to successfully remote control the pc they are on.

Is there a way to clean up these invalid IP's up sooner?