Sorry to compile five questions in one post. Using Teaming 1.0.3 on a SLES10 SP2.

a) ldap auth is working fine. But i've seen a post describing how to add ldap people in a team before they log in. In this situation ldap should be able to browse directory and let us add people. In my install, no way to browse ldap but only people already declared in Teaming. Any Idea ?

b) I'm using localhost to send mail (Postfix with aliases) and it works fine. But i want to use external gwise for incoming mail. I've setup everything (POP+IMAP on GWIA), created a real account and associ. account to folder. No way to receive mail in teaming. Any idea how to test step by step (log, etc...) ? No POP or IMAP connection tries on the GWIA....? Is it possible to use completly different email to send and receive ?

c) When add a file in file folder -> fine. When want to edit the file, teaming opens word and tries to open the file through webdav. It then ask for a login ? if i enter the actual teaming user credentials, it then works and I can modify and publish a new version of the file. Is it a normal situation with WebDav ? How if i want to get rid of this additional login ?

d) I am using Teaming SP3 (1.0.2 installed, then upgraded to 1.03) but I don't have any option "Apply Settings Only". When I want to change something, I am copying the installer.xml from icecore config in the install dir, modify it (for incoming emails for instance). I start the install , then I choose Reconfigure -> Advanced. I am not loosing anything AFAIK but still not sure that i am applying new settings... Why "Apply settings only" does not exist anymore ? Is it the correct way to apply new settings ?

e) What if I want to change the default layout of the base page (layout, plugins, colors, etc...) for new users (whatever if they already logged in or not) ?

many thanks for your help...