Does anyone have a clue for this...? We use Windows XP along with Novell 5.1 servers, and we need to keep our servers on this level for about 1 year more. Now we have new pc:s with Vista. I have downloaded the Novell client for Vista 1.0 and also the Novell Client for Windows Vista 1.0 Update 6, but I still have a bad problem... On the Vista pc:s, we use Windows Office 2003. Everything else seems to work perfectly, but if I open an Office file (Word or Excel) on a Novell 5.1 server, edit it and SAVE IT back to the server, the file gets corrupted at once, and the Office hangs on the pc. I can copy an office file from the server to the pc, edit it there, save it to the client HD and then copy it back to the server, and this works fine, but I can not save it directly to the server. Any ideas?? I have run out of mine... :o(