I am going to move NDPSM and broker from server01 (running nw6sp6) to
server02 (running nw65sp5), would this be the way to go, am I missing
something ?

* Create new broker: Server02_broker
* Shut down broker on server01
* Copy \\server01\sys\ndps\resdir to \\server02\sys\ndps\resdir
* Start broker server02_broker on server02 (which should reindex the drivers
from the old broker)

* Shut down ndpsm on server01

* Change ndpsmanagerIP dns to point to server02 ip-address.

* Start ndpsm on server02 with command:
* LOAD NDPSM server01_ndpsmanager /dnsname=ndpsmanagerIP
/SETRMS=server02_broker.gymnasiet /SETENS=server02_broker.gymnasiet

* Remove start of ndpsm and broker from server01 and add it to server02