I would like to report some irregular BM36 operation on my BM server.
It seems that my changes do not take effect right away. Lets say I
remove an access rule and update the server. Even if I unload and
proxy and shutdown the machine the console would report the old # ofrules in NDS.

Multiple dsrepair operations seem to correct the problem, but I think
is just a coincdence.

Yesterday I got it to work as planned. Set in all deny mode, I allowed
url's to be displayed and it worked. Today, when I unselected encorceaccess rules and updated the server the box it would not allow access
any sites.

Client stations would time out or return an 502 illegal gateway/dns
error. Unloading the proxy would return the browser error page.

BM36 server on nw6sp3 operating in a nw51 tree. We are not using
authentication. We are using http proxy and all clients are configured

to go through the server at :8080.

Is the best solution to use the bm3 DS utility to reset the bm