after running for some month without problems, today the iprint manager
does not work anymore. It starts, but stoppes immediately because of an

ipsmd.log shows:

WARNING The iPrint Manager has just experienced a segfault or fatal
error. It will be restarted by its monitor process.

The process is loaded and unloaded several times and then the monitor
process does not start ipsmd anymore.

The only TID I could find, is 7000747. It lists the message shown above,
but in my case the manager does not start again at all (in case of the
TID the manager does still start, but some printers are corrupt; not
much better).

I have requested the debug rpm, as stated at the TID, but no answer by
Novell so far.

Does anyone have experienced this problem before and knows a solution?

Platform is OES2, Linux based, iprint clustered (but problem exists on
both machines).

Thanks in advance,