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Answers to #5 -

GNDN = Goes Nowhere Does Nothing

While I did not say the buildings were from Mayberry the episodes where
you can see the buldings are:
City on the Edge of Forever

No on to Questions:

A - How many federation starships were either destroyed or 90+% of the
crew killed rendering the starship moot during the 3 years of the show?
Name the ship and show (I will verify each one)
Hint one is NOT the Enterprise (that was distructed in a ST movie)

B - For the "The Man Trap" with the salt sucker monster they were
trying to find a futuristic salt shaker. The issue they had was no one
would recognize the fancy ones, so they used a regular shaker. The
question is can you name one thing they used one of the failed shakers
for in the show.

C - During which season did Shatner start using the halting delivery
for the "big speach" near the end of the episode? Got this from the
interview I mentioned earlier.

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