I have installed a BM3.7 server on NW6 according to
The install went fine, except when the rules were changed the server
an abend on aclcheck.nlm.
Afther the server was resetten the rules can only be changed with
unloading reloading the bm softwarer.
If I change a rule or try to refresh the rules I get the message
to update NDS attributes [-614]".
When searching on the novell knowledgebase I found a few TIDs (e.g
10018297), that all pointed to bm3rmv3.exe.
I have tries bm3rmdup.nlm on the server and then I get the following message "AttachByAddress, Error= 12" "Server name = ".
Is this utility supposed to work with bm3.7 (the readme only mentions
and 3.x.
Does anyone have a solution?