I am experiencing lockups when attempting to manually multicast a single-partition Vista SP1 image. Hardware: Dell Optiplex 755.

1. Boot source computer using ZCM 10.1 boot disk, maintenance mode. Execute img ses cs m to start multicast server. The source computer has a single partition with Vista SP 1 installed.
2. Boot destination computer using same boot disk, maintenance mode. Execute img ses cs to start client.
3. On the master, send the image.

The imaging process appears to proceed without problems until about 97% completed. The server computer then drops out of img with the error message "All clients disconnected", and the client computer appears to be locked up (the mouse cursor does not respond; cannot cancel the operation).

I followed this same procedure successfully with a base install of Vista SP 1 on the master computer. Then, after installing all of the applications, etc., on the master we're encountering this failure.

I have also tried using img to create an image file from the master computer, and restore it to a client in a separate manual img operation. Oddly, that fails in the same way too -- on exactly the same file.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.