My Citrix admin wants to give a group of users a desktop with only a single drive letter accessible that maps back to a Novell server.

He has used local security policy to hide the windows drives, however all drives that the Novell login script map are accessible and cannot seem to be hidden. We turned off the login script and then used the Novell client to map the space he wants, but this only pertains to the currently logged in user. He wants to make this mapping global so all users experience the same desktop mapping. He has a way to run a script to map a windows drive letter using net use, however the map.exe command is on a sys volume which he doesn't want to expose as a drive letter to the user.

How else can we get a persistent drive mapping to a Novell volume on a citrix server?

P.S. Altering the login scripts in eDirectory is not an option. Also I'm trying to avoid copying sys:\public to the c:\ drive to get the map.exe command local, but if this is my only option, then that will have to do. Obviously the Novell client has a GUI map command that doesn't rely on map.exe, but I am unsure how to control that through a command line script.