I have BM37 installed on a NetWare 6 SP3 server. The server is a clean

install of NW6 with SP3 combines. I did a fresh install of BM37 on
this server and installed BM37 SP2.

The server has 1 GB of RAM. All proxies other than mail and news are
running. Access rules are enabled. Packet filtering is disabled (to be

enabled later). An internal mail and web server plus a couple of PCs
are accessible via static NAT. Dynamic NAT is not running.

Everything works except surfcontrol. I cannot get surfcontrol
categories to display in NWAdmin. I have reinstalled Surfcontrol
several times as per Craig's instructions. I have obtained the
modified cpfilter.nlm from Surfcontrol. I have run BorderManager
snapins setup for NW Admin. I have applied the BM37FP3 patch. I have
restarted the server several times. In monitor cpfilter.nlm is shown
as using 183MB of RAM which seems correct.

Basically I have tried everything recommended on these forms several
times. Nothing I have done has enabled me to see the categories in

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Mehmet Boyaci