First, Thanks for your time.

I have a 6.5.6 NW server.

Adaptec 2120s Raid card and 2 Seagate 136.70g Scsi Drives RAID-1

With all of my volumes I have about 68g of free space on the RAID..

Using BE 9.2 tape drive for backup.

We backup sometimes using portlock via IP to a PC for a complete image and
also the tape sometimes.

Question: How can I create another volume on a IDE HD, say 200g + so I can
backup to it and also backup to the tape every night?

Symantec says to use the Back-to-folder feature

Can that be done?

I know that I could use the unused space of about 68g on the raid-1, but it
would still be on those drives.

I would like to use an IDE drive.

The system has an older usb-1 so it would be too old/slow to use that kind
of drive.

Any ideals would be greatly appreciated.

So, the question again is can we use a IDE drive create it as a volume and
use BE9.2 to back up to it?

There I say it in just one sentence!