I am under the gun to get a couple of production servers upgraded to BM39 from BM38SP5. There is no way to test this upgrade beforehand and as you can guess, their functionality is paramount to the enterprise environment as they control all internet access. Obviously I will upgrade one at a time so I have a fallback mechanism if something goes wrong. However it has been a long time since i've upgraded BM and I am just looking for any advice, lessons learned, or other info tidbit from others who have gone through the process.

I am also concerned with the integration with iManager as that is a new method of control (can you still use nwadmin to configure the rules?). We still run iManger 2.6 (sp2). Also, BM is only used for Proxy, Access Control and Content Filtering; it is not used as a firewall or VPN.

P.S. Servers are NW6.5. Will be upgraded to SP7 with patches: ss205_nw, cimom4, comn65sp7, usb6571, wsock6o, and tcp681k.