Using Novell Client 4.91 SP4 on XP SP2, ZCM

Authentication is not passed correctly from Novell Client to Zen agent when using dotted user names (ie bjorn.kelsen).

The flow as I see it is Nvl Client passes to Zen Agent and then to Windows login.

Allowing dotted login accounts is smooth from the Nvl Client to Win Client, but it seems the trick used in Nvl client to escape the "." is somehow passed on to the ZCM agent login - it tries to login as "bjorn\.kelsen" where as the Win client logs on automatically with "bjorn.kelsen"

Switching the the GINA order putting MSGINA in front allows for a correct login thru Windows, and this is passed on OK to the ZCM Agent, however when passed to the Novell Client it chokes on a username missing everything from the first "." (ie "bjorn") and off course cannot login.
The funky part is that a cancel of the Novell client login and a manual login from "the red N" automatically populates the username field correctly with "bjorn.kelsen"

Anyone got a fix or trick for this ?

Note that the dotted usernames is a Corporate policy and cant be changed.

KR /Bjrn