Hi Guys

I am having an issue with my group policies not being applied. Each day we are finding that some of our users are not getting their GP's applied. Upon investigation on some of the machines that the GP is not being applied I am finding that the gpt.ini files are bieing corrupt of are empty.

The directory structure is being copied fine (ADM, machine, user) but the GPT.ini file is just empty.
It seems to be quite random. Sometimes it will work other time it doesn't.

Here is the gpt.ini file that is on the server and is the good gpt.ini file

Here is the GPT.ini file that is being generated on the client


Which is basically empty.

I know that the reason for the policy not applying is because of the dodgy gpt.ini file but I can't figure out why its doing it.

My other question is, it seems the GPO's are being copied each time they log in even though the Zen GPO has not been modified. I though the agent was supposed to version check?
How does the version number mean. Is the version number in the GPT.ini on the client suppose to be the same as the version number on the GPT.ini file on the server.

This problem is really doing my head in so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Novell client 4.91 sp4
OS: Win XP SP2
Zen agent: 6.5.2
Server: NW6.5 sp4