Trying to figure this out while doing a lab-test

So, a couple of questions;

1. Is there any list/site etc that describes which suppliers/software
that's included through PatchManagement ?

2. Is there any way to more exactly state what I want or do NOT want ?
( let's say, we are NOT using firefox = don't download or report )

3. What's the criteria for what PatchManagement downloads ?
- Everything from everyone ? or are the downloads beeing done related
to what Zen has found beeing applicable to my WS's/Servers ?

4. How is the content saved locally on the Zen server ?
Is there anyway to clear, retire patches ?
And, if so, can it be done "auto" or is it a manual refresh/sorting
that's required over time ??
Otherwise, I guess that the locally saved content for patches on the
server must become extremly big....

5. Somewere, don't remember why/were, I got the impression that it was
possible to create a rule-map/road-map for patches in accordance to;

1. patches are download.
2. patches will be/have to be "OK'ed" by admin through verification
process on a couple off "test-pc's"
3. After successful test/OK from Admin, patches are rolled out....