"Matthew Shuter" <shuterm@*NOSPAM*bcsc.k12.in.us> wrote in message
| good to hear. really wanting to do rules based on NDS names, also| will make it easier to see who is denied.
| and since we just renewed our contract with N2H2 in December...
| really cant switch until next December. :-)
| Thanks for the updates.
We just downloaded and installed the patch bm37fp3, tested, and it
to fix the problem.
Didn't know it dealt with N2H2 until you get way down into the
where it states:

3.2 Access Control
1. NWADMN32 crashes when 'None' is selected for
3rd-party rule type.
2. Large URLs abend proxy when N2H2 is selected.

3. Proxy gives Winsock errors when N2H2 is

It is TID2965671