So,,if the Lab test's work out well, next step would be to actually
use the product.. So,, best way to implement this "live" ?

Scenario is;
Customer have got 6 offices. Today running Zen 7.x on main site plus 3
remote sites. The remaining 2 sites are Windows only and have NOT zen

My idea / thought / question is;
Is it possible to deploy the New Zen10 install on the central location
and create satelite's on remote offices for data-distribution + PXE
boot in advance ??

Since the existing setup today is handling a lot of policys and
application packages, the safest roadmap would be to create the new
Zen10 infrastructure throughout without "moving" the clients to the
new enviroment initially.

If possible, by having the Zen10 in place together with the existing
Zen 7.x, We could then import and/or migrate each app, policy,etc and
test them out on selected machines before choosing a time to make the
formal migration.

Off course,, setting up the satelite's in advance with PXE for
instance would mean that the existing PXE stopped working which is OK.
Most importan thing is the rest in terms of app's and policy's.