We're running around 30 NW6.5 SP6 servers using Novell DNS, DDNS and DHCP (for i-Print with printers getting DHCP addresses).

Historically, we've been unable to run more than 1 DNS server without getting a failure (service exits) after 5 - 20 minutes. Error is:

"critical: exiting (due to assertion failure)".

Following a spate of abends, we applied nwlib6k, which stopped the abends. After the DNS server was rebooted to load the nwlib6k files, the DNS service now exits with the error above.

Since several business critical services fail when named.nlm unloads, we're having to cron an unload and reload of the nlm every 10 minutes to keep the service available. This obviously far from ideal.

I've tried to import the exported zones into a test environment, without success, so am currently building a new set of zones in the test environment to try for a better understanding of the variables in play.

HELP urgently required, please!!