I am using GW7.0.2 and attempting to sync it with my HTC Touch which operates on the windows platform. I have installed intellisync and everything is syncing beautifully except my address book. My address book on my PDA does not interface with GW and vice versa. I have checked the settings in intellisync and I have it checked on my device to sync contacts. I have also found another string on this forum that I thought would help, however I am stuck on one part. I created two new address books on my GW account, one titled "unfiled" and one titled "whatever". The instructions then tell me to go to my webpim settings tab and select the address books to sync. The problem is that I cannot find the settings tab. I'm starting to think I don't know what the "webpim" is.

Could someone please let me know if I am on the right track, and if so guide me to where the webpim (and subsequently the settings tab) might be? If I'm totally off base, please redirect me.

Thanks so much.