Hi all,

I don't know if this is a know issue or if it's just my setup? but
here's what seems to be happening.

server--Zen 7.0.1 NW65sp7(plus post sp7 updates)
stations--Windows XPsp2 machines (HP dc57xx).

After we apply XP SP3, we can make an image of the machines.

(I know this part sounds crazy....)

If we install any programs (Office 2007, Adobe CS3, HP video
drivers...etc etc) AFTER SP3 ...we can no longer make images.
We will get lockups while trying to manually make an image of the
updated machines.

Things we have tried:
Clean install of Win. -- same problems
Tried two different machines DC5700 and DC5750 -- same problems
Used different imaging kernal's (tried several...from hp5 up to IR3a
sp2 patched) -- same problems
Server images other workstations perfectly up to and including machines
with SP3 on them.....but after ANY program is installed post SP3.....the
imaging will fail.
We have tried both the SP3 enterprise deployment install and the windows
update install. -- same problems

Any ideas????