this works:

- internal Web Server listening on 443
- NBM 3.7SP2, Generic TCP Proxy:
secondaryPubIP:443 -> internalIP:443 of that WebServer
- Access Rule GenTCP-Proxy Any Any

The purpose is a http based anti virus remote update.
This is not able to use https. So I changed the internal
webserver to listen unsecure on 80, and on NBM in that
generic tcp proxy definition origin and proxy port from
443 to 80, saved:

I cannot access from outside through the NBM.
(from LAN to the internal IP:80 of the webserver=OK)
TCPCON shows at the NBM, that it is no more listening on
secondaryPubIP:443, and now is listening on SecondaryPubIP:80
(which was not listened on before), but it does not proxy
the http requests to the internal web server.

So opened NWAdmin again, NBM, Accelleration, arranged
a reverse proxy for 80, enabled it:

Does not work either.

What do I miss?

Thanks, Rudi.