I have used Migration tool to move NetWare from old HW to new IBM x3650 with version nr 7979BAG. It was quite painful to start migration problems. I stripped source server to one network interface (instead of 3) and one IP adress (instead of 5). IPX I disable while migrating. In other case I got error messages related to connectivity problems. I do not know why, but...
After migration destination server was in crappy condition. OK, it starts, but none of services previously running on old server where online. OK, I got some of them up copying some files from sys.mig. Worst thing was - bunch of required files were left on source server (ok, files are in their place but with size 0). So I must recover it, to copy needed data.
But now i have two major troubles - migration process ruined printing infrastructure, that previously was built using IPX. I try to setup IPX, but it seem to be not responding. I got messages server is not availalable, cannot mount shares when I have IPX only workstation, but i can do that when IP is enabled.
Second major problem, migration ruined Netmail infrastructure. Now i have restored ir so users can see and send emails, but they cannot get new ones. And i also cannot access web interface even I launch webadmin.

I try to read manuals but did not get any smarter. Can somebody quickly explain, how can I diagnose IPX infrastructure health and can somebody explain, whats wrong with netmail, why it does not receive mails.