(This is workaround note for others having the same problem.)

We have an application that in most cases would print fine to an
NDPS printer, but on one or two workstations would start printing
blank pages from this one application. (This would be true for
screen prints and reports generated under this application.)
Other printing, from the same workstation, would work, but not
for the application.

We tried updating the printer drivers, loading the drivers locally,
over the network, etc. with the same results. Totally rebuilding
the workstation would correct the problem--but we had one
workstation (that had the same problem) have the problem return
a month after it was rebuilt.

Recently, we tried disabling the printer object's "print optimization"
setting (under the printer's Advanced properties). Oddly, this met
with immediate success (no reboot required). We've tried this on
a couple of different workstations with the same results.

A search on the Internet shows other printing issues, including a
Kernel error (while printing), that has been resolved by disabling
this feature.

Again, other workstations have worked fine with this feature
enabled, but occasionally we've had this problem on individual
workstations, that may require this to be disabled.