I have a PC that is pretty much a custom built system. It has an MSI P6NGM - NVIDIA MCP73 series chipset based motherboard.

I am trying to upload the image I created on the computer to the server. I am booting via network. When the process starts I see the MAC address. I then see the IP of the server I am connecting to. I see it searching for the DHCP. I then hit and hold "ctrl" and "alt" to get to the next menu screen.

I get to the ZEN Maintenance Menu that shows...

[0] Start ZEN Imaging
[1] Maintenance Mode ZEN Imaging
[2] Disable ZEN Partition
[3] Enable ZEN Partition
[X] Exit Menu

I can also see my clients IP in the top right corner.

I select [1] Maintenance Mode ZEN Imaging.

The PC downloads the config file, kernel, and initrd. I then get to the ZENworks Imaging screen and press "Esc" to see what is being loaded behind the scenes. It activates usb devices, ieee1394 devices and then I watch closely and there is one last item that appears until I receive the following...

"Could not find the ZENworks Installation Source. Activating manual setup program." At the top of the screen I see ">>> Linuxrc v2.0.68 (Kernel <<<"

The last line that idoes not display long enough for me to know what it is.

When I hit "Ok", it takes me through menus to set up the language and then I see a Main Menu that has 8 different options.

I have tried updating the ZENworks files that we have. I have tried editing files that others have suggested on other forums. I have tried creating a bootable ZENworks CD and that failed as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.