Hello. Well unlike many of the posts that I am reading here I had a successful installation experience. The first attempt was a bit buggy but once I figured out the installation requirements before attempting to install teaming (its in the docs - just make sure you follow it all, configure it all, and test it before installing teaming) it was very much problem free. Very much a case of RTFM. Do that closely and it works fine.

Now we are in the process of rolling it out to the general populace. There is excitement out there and the limited amount of team workspaces that have been created are developing well. All in all I think we have a winner.

That's not to say that there isnt any work to be done with regard to "tweaking" this installation though. The current team workspaces and their members are tech savvy and trusted users. I do not want to roll this out and advertize it fully until I can restrict it a little bit more. For example - team workspaces are created centrally and by a limited amount of users. Other users cannot create workspaces. I figured out how to do that and it works fine.

It may sound dictatorial but I dont want people to be able to utilize personal workspaces either though. I dont care what they do in the team workspaces of which they are members because viewing that stuff is restricted to the workspace members but I do not want publicly (with regard to all edirectory users) viewable stuff - hence no personal workspaces.

Does anyone know a way of turning personal workspaces off?