NW65sp7, post iprint updates, latest tcpip update, edir 882 and post edir
updates. Just to make
sure the server or memory was not the issue I moved the drives and
controller to a same brand new server to eliminate hardware being an issue.
I have 24 schools all running the exact same server and setup that are not
experiancing these issues.
That did not help. Reinstalled SP7 and recopied the updates. No help there
either.PKIDiag is clean as is dsrepair. When ever I load apache I immediatly
get messages about not enough
short term memory allocation errors and then the server will abend.
Sometimes multiple times. The log shows " The CPU encountered a problem
executing code in APRLIB.NLM. The problem may be in that module or in data
passed to that module by a process owned by APACHE2.NLM. I have had an
incident opened with Novell for two weeks about the apache issue and I am
getting nowhere with
them. I hope I have more luck here. Also I am getting an EMBox abend
whenever I reboot the server.