Our company has recently upgraded our GMS to 2.0.4 (WIndows Server Ed.), and I have some concerns regarding the device support.
We have for quite a while successfully been using the HTC MteoR (WM5 Smartphone), and later added the HTC Wings (S730) wich runs Windows Mobile 6 (smartphone aswell)
Everything has been working great...ebenthough the 6 device is using the 2005 client.

But as time goes on - devices as you may know come to an end of life.

I am now evaluating new standard devices for our company.
And here are my concerns....

When trying to perform an OTA installation with Samsung SGH-I200 (WM 6.1) it automatically recognises it as a WM5 device, and starts downloading, but when the install begins, it suddenly stops with "Installation failed - software is not compatible with this device"
(I direct translated this from Swedish - so the English exact message might differ.)

Another device I tested was the HTC Touch Diamond (WM6 Professional/PPC) - and the OTA installation page suddenly showed me a list of Cab/packages to choose from, and the closest thing to pick was the "PPC 2005" package.
Installed and worked fine as it seems, but this device failed our corporate certifications for other reasons.

We then downloaded the BETA of version 3, to have a look at the client packages in there, but they appear to be the same files as on the version 2 server.

My question is now:
Since Windows Mobile 6, and 6.1 (both Standard, and Professional) has been around for a quite a while now - when can we expect to see the device support for these in the client packages - eventhough some seem to might work with WM6.0, surely the cabs need updating?

I have been Googling about this matter for weeks now - but with no luck at all.

Please advice,
Hopefully there is a special client pack update that we must have missed or something, because we really need to be able to use handsets during their end of life.

PS. We are only using the client to sync PIM data - no device management, file or app. sync.